Dark Night Mystery

Dark Night Mystery

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A tale of a dream you had in which a clairvoyant came to your aid in solving the mystery of a dark night murder.

You recall your dream in which you visited a cinema where you watched a late-night horror film - Dracula ‘Nightmare of Horror!’ You say, “A murder had been committed nearby this very night and on the way home I heard running footsteps behind me, nervously I imagined can it be the murderer running away?” As your story unfolds you are surprised by someone jumping out of a hedge looking very dishevelled, who looked as if he has been digging in a nearby field, could he be the murderer? Moments later as you pass the local churchyard a shadowy figure unexpectedly appears between two gravestones in the moonlight, “Scaring me half to death!” and supplying a third suspect.

You suddenly recognise a local clairvoyant in your audience, and you point her out to everyone. But wait, your ‘clairvoyant’ is speaking and reveals the murderer by name; could this be a red herring or has this gentle lady really got unearthly powers?

She dramatically and correctly reveals who did the ghastly deed, leading to a full confession and the amazing conclusion of your fascinating Dark Night Mystery, now the law can take its course and justice be done!
Reasons to buy this low-priced chiller:
• The ‘clairvoyant’ is not a stooge or accomplice, you can point to any audience member to play this part, nothing is pre-arranged in advance.
• You illustrate each part of the story with picture cards.
• No skill is required accept the skill of presentation.
• It is ideal for any type of audience, close-up, cabaret or stage.
• No force is used.
• Originally presented professionally by Eddie in his very successful Clairvoyance & Mystics show.

Comes with laminated picture cards (approx 5 x 3.5”, 12.5 x 9cms), instructions & exclusive performance rights.

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