Card Crazy

Card Crazy

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I’ve said it myself, “Not another card trick?” the answer is a big “YES” but what an entertaining trick this is. Both you and your audiences will go crazy over this one, yet it is so easy to do using just ten unfaked poker sized playing cards that you can carry in your pocket & requiring no sleight of hand.

You show the cards all different and they are placed into two face-up piles on the table, as you explain these are just a few odd cards left over from a previous performance, and you will use them to play a matching game.

An onlooker is allowed to try and match them in pairs either by suit, value, or colour. His attempts to do so being very poor indeed. You offer to do so by magic without touching the cards, “Matching the colours” you claim, but no one is impressed that is until a spectator turns the cards face down when it is seen they all have different coloured backs and magically the cards now all match in pairs; red back with red back, blue back with blue back, and so forth each set of two being a perfect colour match!

Once you have learned the system employed you can use it in many amazing ways, matching colours, pictures, coloured poker chips and so on.

Comes with ten playing cards with matching coloured backs & instructions.

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