Flying Cards - Bicycle

Flying Cards - Bicycle

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I have never run across an effect to compare with this exciting item by Lu Brent (1903-1993) which has been in my programme of card effects for many years yet seems almost unknown to other magicians.

You show a deck of poker-sized playing cards and openly withdraw four prominent cards of a kind, such as four Jacks and you put them on display faces upwards on a stand, or upon the table.

From the rest of the pack three cards are dealt face down on each Jack leaving the four cards in view as above (like the four-ace tricks but read on - this is different).

Any spectator has a free choice of any of the suits of the four cards on display (positively no force) the suit so named together with its three accompanying odd cards on top of it are picked up, slipped into a small envelope and given to the spectator to hold. The other three suits with their accompanying odd cards are gathered up, placed into a second envelope and retained by the performer.

A mystical wave or word being uttered, and an invisible flight takes place! The participant opens his envelope, and amazingly it is found to contain (in this example) the four Jacks of Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds, while in the performer’s envelope twelve odd cards are discovered!

Everything can now be examined, and the deck having only its 52 cards can immediately be used for other effects. No fakes of any kind are used, just genuine playing cards and envelopes, not a single sleight is involved, just a very clever method indeed. Perfect for stand-up (using a display stand), close-up and table-hopping.

Comes with quality blue backed Bicycle poker deck, sample unfaked, envelopes & instructions.

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