Ching Ching Coins - Waiting for new stock

Ching Ching Coins - Waiting for new stock

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Ching, Ching Coins is Eddie’s clever presentation of Jackpot Coins. An outstanding feature effect using several Berolle Chinese Feng Shui Fortune Coins & a glass bowl. This is the trick that Al Koran baffled Einstein with.

You show a plastic bowl or bag containing about one hundred small (less than two cms in diameter) Feng Shui Fortune Coins, that your audience can carefully check if you so wish as none of them are faked in any way.

A lady from the audience is invited to secretly take a handful of coins and you take a handful as well. Note: you can take yours first or allow the lady to take her coins before you. It is obvious you cannot have any idea how many coins the lady has taken. Both you and the lady secretly count your coins.

You now make three predictions concerning the number of coins the lady has concealed in her hand before the lady announces how many coins she holds.

Incredibly ALL your three predictions are proven to be absolutely correct to the complete astonishment of everyone present, but that is not all.

You now repeat the effect two/three times more and in each case the lady secretly takes a different number of coins, or she can attempt to fool you by taking the same number again. However, each time your predictions are 100% correct!

Strong magic that is reputed to have baffled Einstein, mathematicians, and brilliant minds. Can be repeated again and again and becomes even more impressive to your audience.

By using the small coins and the cloth bag we supply it can be carried in your pocket. Ideal for parlour, cabaret, television, dinner parties and close-up. Easy to do.

Comes complete with about 100 Chinese style metal coins (approx almost 2cms in diameter), draw string velvet bag & instructions. Use your own bowl.

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