Test Cards

Test Cards

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The inspiration for this effect came from Karl Fulves’ indispensable book My Best Self-working Card Tricks, from which I made up his most wanted list and had great fun showing it around. Soon I added other lists of my own so that I could use it on any age group.

We offer four lists these being a Drinks List for adult drinkers, a Children’s Rewards list for children, a Reward List for grown-ups and a general list, the Personality Test, based on Karl Fulves’ list of the same name.

In each case the general working is the same, according to the list you use, from it you read either things that just would not appeal to anyone or rewards that do appeal. Examples: extra hard homework or a nice magical surprise, your turn to pay or a double whisky and so forth.

A playing card is chosen in a very fair manner and the number of that card is checked on the Test Card you are using (different numbers for each Card) with varying results that are always good for a laugh!

This is a fun effect that you can use in any situation but is especially useful when someone has helped you with your magic and you wish to reward them for their help. No skill or sleight of hand is involved just good clean fun and mystery that everyone will enjoy.

Comes with four printed & laminated Test Cards (approx 5.5 x 4”, 14 x 10cms) & instructions. Use your own or a borrow a deck of regular playing cards.

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