Impromptu Floating Table

Impromptu Floating Table

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Not to be confused with our Gyrating Tables Act!

This little-known fake mediumistic method of causing a small table to float in the air has been around for perhaps one hundred years and yet is seldom if ever seen today. It can be performed completely impromptu whenever a suitable table is available.

Ideal effect for spirit shows and demonstrations of fake mediumistic séances but is suitable for inclusion into any type of mentalism or magic act. The table can be borrowed and freely examined. Your hands are shown to be completely free from preparation.

You place one hand flat upon the table top and call upon the spirits to manifest their presence by causing the table to rock this way and that and finally to rise into the air. Immediately this is exactly what appears to happen the table rising high into the air without any apparent means of support!

You can walk about even amongst the audience during this incredible demonstration. The ‘spirits’ then release the table and both it and the magician’s hands can be freely shown. If you wish, a large silk can be placed over the table to disprove any connection to the magician’s hand.

For spectacular séance work several spectators are permitted to stand around a larger table and place their hands on the tabletop, the table then rocks and raises just in the same manner.

Impromptu Floating Table is perfect to use with a borrowed card table or even one with a transparent top. No gimmicks required.

Full secret revealed in the 8-page, photo-illustrated Mr. E booklet.

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