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A marvellous mental routine you can perform anywhere-anytime using a borrowed pack of cards.

You are at a social gathering and the conversation turns to the so-called ‘forbidden arts’ and you offer to explain the different ways that fortune-tellers, psychics and you as a modern mentalist work.

You borrow a pack of playing cards and a member of your audience chooses three, slipping them sight unseen into their pocket.

First you demonstrate how a fortune-teller might reveal a chosen card – giving a short reading to the participant and revealing the card as you do so.

The second card you reveal in the manner of a psychic or a clairvoyant ‘sensing your target’ under test conditions.

The last and final playing card is revealed in the way of a modern mentalist bringing your routine to a very strong and stunning finish that is guaranteed to impress the hardest of audiences!

·Use any pack of playing cards even a borrowed one.
·One can also use Tarot cards.
·May be performed for one person or a full audience.
·Perfect for walkabout, cabaret or stage.
·No skill required save the skill of presentation.

The highly recommended Advancement routine is fully explained in our Mr. E booklet.

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