Colour Telepathy - EB

Colour Telepathy - EB

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A wonderfully entertaining and baffling prediction effect with a pack of cards.

You lay three different coloured laminated plaques in a row on the table. Now you remove a pack of playing cards showing both their faces and backs and start to deal cards slowly one at a time – your spectator is told to call stop at any time and when they do, you stop dealing at that very point in the pack.

Without any false moves or secretly adding extra cards you deal three playing cards onto each coloured plaque – a total of nine cards in all.

The discarded cards are shown to be different as are the cards left in your hand, nothing could be fairer. Any spectator eliminates two sets of cards – no force – leaving just three cards in play. These three cards are now dealt faces upwards each onto one of the coloured plaques. The spectator then freely selects any one of the three remaining cards – again they have a free selection.

You now show your prediction that has been left in full view since the start it exactly matches the selected card!

Yes this is a close-up version of the tremendous Last Card effect but without the bulky apparatus allowing you to perform it absolutely anywhere.

Colour-Telepathy is the perfect effect for your close-up and walkabout performances as it is reset in a moment.
·No palming or other sleight of hand is used.
·No extra cards secretly added to the pack.

Comes complete with colourful cards & instructions.

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