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Eddie uses this wonderful fun item in all his close-up and walkabout shows. It has everything, colour, novelty, comedy, audience participation & mystery! Always ready to perform without any re-set or advanced preparation whatsoever.

Sockerama is the tale of what happens to your missing socks when they vanish inside your washing machine. Several colourful (laminated for long life) cards are shown. These depict two comedy washers and several pairs of socks.

To an amusing story, the socks are divided between the two washing machines. One machine gets an even number of sock cards, while the other washing machine gets an odd number of sock cards.

Once the socks are ‘washed’ the two piles of socks magically change places with each other! Moreover, please note: This all happens in the participant’s own hands.
If this doesn’t get their attention, nothing will! It is always ready to go and can be performed at a moments notice.

Comes complete with laminated sock cards & instructions.

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