Spooky & the Haunted House - Giant A4 size

Spooky & the Haunted House - Giant A4 size

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Your young audience will get shivers downs their spines as you tell them the tale of Spooky & the Haunted House.

First to set the scene you timidly show them a picture of a haunted house which you leave in full view in a large envelope that has a window cut into it through which the back of the house can be viewed at all times.

Next, you show pictures of two giant Halloween pumpkins from where Spooky the ghost makes his appearance; it seems as if you are the only one scared and the children take it all in their stride. They are enjoying your magic show, Spooky is also on his very best behaviour and wants to show off his special ghostly magic trick.

He starts by turning his back and mixing with the pumpkins, then the children have to find him during his game of ghost hunting.

Now the fun starts, for no matter where the children think he is - he isn’t. After giving everyone three tries he disappears altogether or has he magically turned himself into a pumpkin? Perhaps the children shouldn’t have made those spooky noises and frightened him away, where on earth can he have got to?

Maybe he has gone home, so you remove the haunted house and take a look at the back to see if he is hiding there but no, the children are all screaming and shouting for you to look at the front of the house and when you do you jump a mile in fright for there is Spooky! Let’s give him three cheers for doing his magic.

A simple action story that even the littlest ones will understand, using laminated pictures that will last you a magical lifetime.

Comes with instructions and a choice of two sizes; Giant A4 (approx 11.25 x 5.75”, 28.5 x 19.5cms) and jumbo A5 (approx 7.75 x 5.45”, 19.5 x 13.5cms).

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