Ultimate Vanishing Jumbo Card

Ultimate Vanishing Jumbo Card

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Unbelievable is the only word to describe this effect.

You display three jumbo sized playing cards, two of them with black faces and the other one is a red-faced card, asking your audience to keep an eye on the RED-faced card and with no fancy moves you sandwich the red card in between the two black-faced cards.

A click of your fingers reveals the red picture card has vanished leaving you with three black cards which you show both the backs and faces to your bewildered audience, as you quip, “If you are wondering where the red card has gone - well I slipped it into my jacket pocket when you weren’t looking.” with this you reach into your pocket and remove the red card showing it on both sides!

This is the perfect opening trick as you first address your audience standing centre stage or when you first approach a table and introduce yourself when table-hopping.

No rough & smooth, no pocket cards. No sleight of hand is used, a point that is often commented on by your audience, due to the size of the cards. Easy to do with just a little handling practice.

The vanished card can be reproduced from anywhere you wish.

Comes complete with quality jumbo cards (approx 6.75 x 4.75”, 17 x 12cms) & instructions.

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