Australian Prediction

Australian Prediction

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Here we offer a clever easy-to-do prediction effect using jumbo sized playing cards. Explaining an Australian magician sent them to you, the people of this beautiful country think BIG, hence the cards.

You lay out a prediction envelope that you explain contains a single very lucky playing card, alongside a paper bag that holds a surprise gift (not included, I use a bar of chocolate).

Your participant shuffles the large cards and you show how she is to choose a single card the Australian way, and if luck is with her and she matches your prediction card inside the envelope she will also receive the secret gift.

The lady plays the cards until she only has one card left, the discarded cards are shown and on each of their backs in bold permanent ink is written the word ‘NO’ the tension builds as you reveal the prediction card in the envelope.

The lady’s chosen card is turned over to show it says ‘YES’ on its back and proves to be an exact match of your prediction card!

A lovely way to reward an audience member who has been helping you with your magic. Or to give a card & gift to the birthday party person. The effect is mostly self-working requiring no sleights and very easy to perform.

Comes with quality jumbo playing cards (approx 6.75 x 4.75”, 17 x 12cms), prediction envelope & instructions. Use your own gift.

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