Ultimate Coin Bag

Ultimate Coin Bag

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Based on our popular ‘Ultimate Egg Bag’, this specially made prop will both vanish, produce and exchange coins in the most bewildering manner.

The bag is net-fronted so the coin can be seen inside the bag. We use 50p coins, but you may prefer others. (You supply your own coins anyway, as these are completely unfaked).

A truly fabulous close-up prediction is also explained as used by Eddie. This routine itself is worth TEN TIMES the cost of what we are charging for the routines and special bag. Don’t miss this one.

Alternatively, all the usual egg bag moves are possible with a large coin. Or use it in a miser’s dream effect continually producing coins from everywhere – only having them change into sweets etc for the children.

The bag is approx. 3 inches by 3 inches, so is ideal for close-up work. Use two bags and you can do a lovely passé passé, coin routine, with the bags hanging around two children’s necks on loops of ribbon, attached to bulldog clips (not supplied).

At our new lower price, this really is a must to carry in your pocket. To see the prediction routine demonstrated is to buy it immediately. Very easy to do! Suitable for children or adult audiences. Special bag complete with suggested routines.

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