Wonder Handkerchief

Wonder Handkerchief

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The vanishing handkerchief that has made the traditional Devil’s Hanky obsolete!

Place a coin, ball, matchbox, egg or any similar sized object flat onto your hand or a table and cover it with the Wonder Handkerchief. Let the spectators feel the article is still inside through the cloth. Take one corner of the handkerchief and suddenly flick it away – the article has vanished without trace!

Show your hand empty, shake out the handkerchief and lay it over your empty hand. With your other hand slowly raise one corner of the handkerchief and then pull it away to reveal that an object such as a ball, coin or egg has now mysteriously appeared on your hand!

Wonder Handkerchief will produce or vanish any small smooth object. With just a little practice you can also vanish or produce an article in the hands of an assisting spectator. Easy to do! At this low price it’s not to be sneezed at!

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