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“Wow! Fantastic! Thanks a lot!” That’s what our customers are saying when they receive our brand-new RinKey effect! It is the hottest close-up effect in magic and you will love the fantastic value when you receive yours!

Show your Carabineer style key holder that holds lots of keys, and leave it in full view. Borrow a finger ring from an audience member and wrap it into a borrowed handkerchief, which you give to another audience member to hold. Hold the ‘Carabineer’ with the keys dangling down in full view and then count “One, two and three!” On the count of three you pull the borrowed handkerchief away and shake it out – the ring has vanished.

At the self-same moment the ring appears among the keys on the ‘Carabineer’! There is no doubt about it, it’s the spectator’s own ring and can be identified there and then by its owner! ‘Unscrew’ the ‘Carabineer’ and pass the ring back to its rightful owner as you take your applause.

RinKey can be performed anywhere close-up, cabaret or stage. Simply drop the key holder back into your pocket and it is all ready for any repeat performance. Ideal when you are performing in walk-about situations.

Use any ring vanish method – however we explain Marvillo’s excellent ring or coin vanish using a borrowed handkerchief in the comprehensive instructions that accompany RinKey. No skill is required as RinKey is very easy-to-do! Special Carabineer-style ring holder and fully detailed instructions are supplied.

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