Casino Security

Casino Security

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Here is an incredible illusion that will have your audience pinching themselves to see if they are dreaming, or actually awake and really witnessing your card miracle!

The pack is examined and shuffled and one card is selected and this can also be closely examined. You remove two Jokers and these are also carefully examined.

The chosen card is openly sandwiched between the two Jokers and that is when the audience start to disbelieve their own eyes. Without any false moves or clever counts the chosen card melts into nothing – yes it disappears completely from between the two Jokers, which are both seen front and back!

But now for the applause-pulling climax – immediately the pack that has remained in full view from the start (and remember has been carefully examined) is ribbon spread face down and right in the middle and face upwards, is the missing card!

The pack can immediately be passed for careful audience examination once again, together with the two Jokers.

A jaw-dropping card illusion that just has to be seen to be believed! Ideal for street magic situations or anywhere you are performing close-up to your audience.

Your amusing patter concerns a crooked gambler and two Casino security guards.

Comes with the special something that makes this effect a dream to perform & instructions. Use your own poker size Bicycle pack (any colour back).

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