Bill Tube

Bill Tube

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A handsome prop precision machined from brass. For those not familiar with this clever classic of magic here is the marvellous effect:

You show a small key and hand it for safe keeping to a spectator and then you borrow a banknote, any genuine note will do. You have the banknote’s number taken by a participant who also signs the note across its face.

This is then folded and wrapped into a handkerchief that is then held by any spectator.

You next show a solid brass tube that has a top firmly locked and bolted to it and ask yet another spectator to hold it securely. You now whip away the handkerchief and the banknote has disappeared without trace!

The spectator holding the key is asked to unlock the tube and finds a note inside it. The performer does not touch the banknote but asks a spectator to open it for all to see - it is the very same banknote with the correct number and the spectator’s signature across it!

Bill Tube is made for particularly smooth working and ingeniously gimmicked; it can be handled and examined by the audience without revealing its secret. Can also be used by mentalists for loading in predictions.

You can use your own vanish method but if you prefer we also can supply a suitable Bill Vanishing Hanky that can be found elsewhere on our website.

The Brass Bill Tube comes with full instructions, use your own small padlock and key as these are completely unfaked.

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