Hook Balancing Gimmick

Hook Balancing Gimmick

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The late Tom Harris always had one these in his pocket and travelled the world featuring this wonderful novelty.

Hook Balancing Gimmick works on a clever application of the basic laws of gravity. If you try to balance the gimmick by the sharp end on your finger or any other place the hook always topples over and cannot be balanced.

Pattering about getting your life in balance you take an ordinary belt and fold it in half and then hang it around the round part of the hook, you can then easily balance the hook wherever you please.

Balance it on the end of your own or a spectator’s finger – the tip of your nose – the edge of a table or any non-slippery surface.

You can get a whole lot of fun with this novelty item and the special price will not break the bank! The ideal novelty to sell after your shows!

Comes with Hook & instructions.

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