Butterfly Surprise - Mre

Butterfly Surprise - Mre

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You show four cards each of which has a picture of a cute looking caterpillar on its face, you can give each one a comical name as you show them.

Any spectator puts out their hand to play the part of a lettuce leaf & you deal two of the caterpillar pictures face down upon their palm. The other two go face downwards on your palm – which represents a cabbage leaf.

As your amusing patter story unfolds the two caterpillars on the lettuce leaf think that the cabbage leaf is greener – whilst the two on the cabbage leaf are convinced that the lettuce leaf is greener – so you say a magic word & claim, without showing the faces, that you have caused them to change places with each other.

As soon as the magic is done the caterpillars both realise their mistake and want to change back again – more magic words from you and they are both back where they started; two on the lettuce leaf and two on the cabbage leaf.

The audience is not convinced that anything happened at all so you say that you will prove beyond a doubt that the caterpillars have changed their places.

The spectator turns over their two caterpillar pictures and they have changed all right – into TWO COLOURFUL BUTTERFLIES – well, what do you expect caterpillar’s to change into?

You confidently turn over your two caterpillar cards but there is only ONE butterfly; the other card is blank – “Where can Horace butterfly, lately a caterpillar be? Perhaps he is learning to fly!”

You ask the spectator to turn their hand (lettuce leaf) over and there is the missing ‘Horace Butterfly’ firmly stuck to the spectator’s own hand!

Comes complete with laminated cards, enough stick-on butterflies for fifteen shows & instructions. Replacement butterflies are available at small cost.

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