Las Vegas Dice

Las Vegas Dice

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You show two flat dice to your spectators. The first die has five spots on one side and two spots on the other side.

The second die has four spots on one side and three spots on its opposite side. You put both dice into a spectator’s hand.

With no funny moves you remove one die and show it on both sides, it’s the four and three spots – leaving the five and two spots die still in the spectator’s hand.

Now with just a wave of your hand the four and three spots that you hold becomes the five and two spots and when the spectator opens their hand they find that they now hold the five and two-spot die – the two dice having magically changed places!

This is an excellent close-up effect with no suspicious moves and it is very easy to perform. Ideal for table-hopping as it can be quickly reset, also with just a little handling practice the dice can be handed out for close examination.

Comes with well-made flat dice & instructions.

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