Impromptu Stabbed

Impromptu Stabbed

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Borrowing a pack of playing cards that has been well shuffled by a member of the audience you have one freely selected and everyone except you remembers its name.

The card is returned to the pack, which is then thoroughly shuffled. At no time do you glimpse the card in any way and up to the very finish of the trick; you have no idea what card has been selected.

Two rubber bands are snapped around the pack at each end and please note that in what follows these rubber bands are not removed. You now borrow a pocket knife, an everyday kitchen knife or you can even use the Joker from the borrowed pack if no knife is available.

Holding the pack faces down in one hand and the knife in the other you put both your hands behind your back and explain that you will insert the blade of the knife through the pack from side to side.

Your hands are immediately brought from behind your back and it is seen that the knife does indeed go through the pack from one side to the other – the rubber bands are still in place as you pass the whole set-up to an audience member.

The selected card is named out loud and the spectator holding the pack and knife in his or her own hands, removes the rubber bands and, keeping the knife in place, lifts the top half of the pack turning it face upwards – INCREDIBLY YOU HAVE STABBED THE PACK AT THE FREELY SELECTED CARD THEY HAVE JUST NAMED!

Everything can now be left with the audience to examine to their heart’s content, there is not a clue to your mystery that you can perform anywhere-anytime with any borrowed pack of cards and borrowed knife.

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