Invisible Deck Out Done - Mr E

Invisible Deck Out Done - Mr E

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You remove your ‘Invisible Deck’ and toss it to a spectator in the audience. Using all the usual gags associated with this entertaining effect, the spectator decides which cards they will throw away. Please note: They do actually throw away the cards THEY decide on – and continue to do so until they are left with three invisible cards of their choice.

One of these cards they either put inside the invisible empty card box or seal inside a small invisible empty envelope which they then toss to you and magically you catch it but now it has become visible! The card box/envelope is immediately opened and you show it contains just a single card. The envelope/card box is completely empty and not faked in any way. The spectator names their final choice and up to this moment you have no idea what this choice will be.

The single card is removed and turned with its face towards the audience – it is the very card just named!

*No fakes of any kind are used. Genuine cards, genuine envelope or card box and you supply your own. No slits or anything similar.
*No loading the card secretly into the box/envelope, it is there right from the start of your effect!
*The chosen card is not named until the very last second – and this proves to be the very self-same card in the envelope/box.
*Ken de Courcy's suggestion for an invisible burnt card idea using an invisible candle is included in the instructions.
*Perform it anywhere under any conditions.

This does NOT use the usual Magicians’ Choice Force sometimes known as Equivoque. Easy to do you just require presentation skills – no sleights.

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