Twin Tape Thumb Tie - Download

Twin Tape Thumb Tie - Download

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With your thumbs tightly tied together, you catch hoops on your arms; pass your tied thumbs through a spectator’s arm and through sticks, ropes and the backs of chairs.

There are many versions of the popular thumb tie effect. Some use special gimmicks. Others require your stealing slack. Some use leather straps or specially made apparatus. Yet Twin Tape Thumb Tie is possibly the best and the most often used by professional performers worldwide.

The reason will be obvious when you learn this outstanding method!

You tie a spectator's thumbs together with two pieces of linen tape and they find it impossible to escape.

Now a spectator ties your thumbs together, with two fresh pieces of tape in a similar manner.

Yet despite the tapes being very tightly tied and without any extra fakes or false moves, you can catch solid rings on your arms. Pass your thumbs through rope, sticks, over the backs of chairs and through a spectator’s arm.

It’s simply incredible! You can even perform it in slow motion. This is truly one of the most deceptive and effective routines in magic today! At the ends the tapes have to be cut off your thumbs as the knots are so tight.

We supply fully detailed instructions. You will learn this in just one evening. It will prove a sensation in your shows.

Use your own rings (Plastic juggling rings are fine), tape & other props, which are completely unfaked.

We can also supply this by post with three plastic juggling rings - see elsewhere on our website.

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