Patriotic Ropes

Patriotic Ropes

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Three different ropes coloured red, white and blue are tied together in a line. You can now instantly cause the knots to vanish – making one long length of rope, still in the three different coloured sections.

Eddie patters about the organisation he is working for. “The red rope represents the management team who are firmly knotted to the production team, represented by the white rope. The blue rope represents the customers. If any of these knots become untied – the business will fail. But if we make all the knots disappear – we end up with one strong unit as we have today!”

Very easy to do. The management and bookers love it. Ideal for walkabout, close-up and cabaret shows. Takes up hardly any room in your bag but plays BIG!

The ideal corporate magician’s effect! Reset in an instant & nothing to replace. Both you and your audiences are going to love this one.

Comes complete with Ropes & instructions

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