Tarot Mystique - Jumbo Cards

Tarot Mystique - Jumbo Cards

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Pamela Colman Smith under the guidance of Arthur Edward Waite painted these beautiful Tarot cards in 1909 and they were published that same same year by William Rider & Son. These oversized cards measure approximately 4 x 6.75”.

I proudly show six of the cards to my audience explaining they represent, “A most remarkable set of Tarot cards with magical properties with which to present my mystery, as a tribute to Pamela Smith who painted them, then died penniless and alone in 1951.”

You show your audience six giant Tarot cards; two beautiful cards from the Greater Arcana, and four more equally beautiful cards from the Minor Arcana making a colourful and magical display, giving each its divinatory meaning as they are shown.

Any lady from your audience eliminates five of the cards, settling on her, “Single lucky tarot card.”

Your prediction that has been in full view from the start, is now revealed and is a startling prediction of the lady’s ‘Lucky Card’ matching exactly her psychic choice!

Reasons to buy: Six quality jumbo tarot cards supplied. No you don’t have six different predictions! Carry it easily in your pocket or briefcase. Your prediction is always correct, worth ten times more than we charge. No sleight of hand is involved

Comes complete with six giant Tarot cards (approx 4 x 6.75”), a metallic style folder, envelope, pen & instructions.

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