Spring Flowers (small) Odd Bin Item

Spring Flowers (small) Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. Made of high quality metalic paper in beautiful bright and shiny mixed colours.

Each flower is well made with sturdy leaves and fitted with its own spring. Thus they fold completely flat held with a paper band or piece of cotton, which is easily broken when you produce them. They then make a marvellous and attractive display! A number of these bouquets can be produced from a very small space.

Produce them from any magical prop or even a paper cone.
Tear up sheets of coloured paper and toss it into the air when they turn into a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Take off your gloves and throw them in the air when they turn into an “Ah!” producing gasp from your audience.

Ideal to use in conjunction with our popular Evaporated Milk Jug or similar effects. You will find many uses for these pretty Rolex paper flowers.

Spring Flowers small - 7 in a bunch. 1 in stock.

Only £7.50

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