Turncoat Prediction

Turncoat Prediction

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You display an envelope, inside which you state are four large (jumbo) cards. One of these will match any card selected by a spectator. A spectator is asked to name any card in a pack of fifty-two.

You removes the four jumbo cards from the envelope with there backs outwards; and then slowly turns them to face your audience to show their selected card is indeed one of the four.

Your audience is amused, because each of the four cards displays the Ace to King of one of the four suits, covering all the 52 cards displayed on the four large cards.

You now state that you will make the complete image of a selected card fly from a deck to the packet of four cards.

A spectator selects a card from any deck (use your own). We will presume this is the Seven of Spades. The card is replaced in the deck, and the deck riffled towards the packet.

The four jumbo cards are again fanned, and it is now found that the jumbo card with the Ace to King of Spades has turned back up in the packet.

When this card is turned over to face the audience, it has magically changed to a large Seven of Spades!

As card effects go, this one is most unusual and entertaining.

Reset in a moment and takes up no room in your pocket or briefcase. Easy to do!

We supply all the special cards (the selected card does not have to be the seven of spades - we give you other alternatives).

Turncoat Prediction comes complete with instructions. Just follow these and the trick works itself. Excellent value.

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