Traffic Lights of Calcutta

Traffic Lights of Calcutta

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If you are the kind of magician that likes pack flat props that occupy negligible space in your magic bag, and play for a large audience providing several minutes of solid entertainment, you will find this an excellent item and outstanding value for money. A Daffy Dots clone with six changes that uses no flaps, switches or duplicate boards.

The bare bones of the effect are as follows. The performer displays a picture of a ‘traffic light’ with four spots on it. The top ‘light’ is green in colour and the other three are red. The picture is passed behind the performer's back, and the green light is now second from top. Passed behind the back once again, it is third from top and finally at the bottom.

The audience is not impressed, as most of them have figured out how it’s done. They ask you to; “Show the other side!” You do this, and there are now four different coloured spots on the opposite side. Then you turn it around once again, and there are a whole variety of multi-coloured spots on the first side!

The entertainment lies in the amusing patter theme as you make the changes, which we have outlined for the city of Calcutta, but which you could easily adapt to any city with chaotic traffic conditions.

Traffic Lights Of Calcutta is easy to do with a clever secret and superb entertainment value.

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