Leap Frog

Leap Frog

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This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most exciting versions of ‘Cards Across’ ever – using twelve unfaked frog cards and two handkerchiefs and you are all ready to perform this outstanding miracle. Perfect for children’s shows.

The effect: You show twelve laminated picture cards each with a frog printed on it – you can have a lot of fun with these pretending that a frog selected by the children is magically jumping from the middle to first the top and then the bottom of the packet. The children are not impressed so you offer to show the children that the frogs really can jump about invisibly. A boy from the audience counts two lots of six frogs one at a time into each of your hands and these cards are wrapped inside two borrowed handkerchiefs or strong tissues.

Two children now hold your wrists closing the openings to your sleeves and you stand with your arms outstretched and your hands held wide apart. Magically and invisibly you appear to pass three frog cards from one hand to the other – the children take the cards and unwrap them from the handkerchiefs. When they are counted it is seen that you now hold only three frogs in one hand and nine frogs in the other hand and they won’t have a clue to how you did it!
·Positively NO PALMING or sleight of hand is required.
·No extra cards, only twelve unfaked laminated cards are used. Handkerchiefs may be borrowed from the audience

No skill required – perform it within 20 minutes of reading the instructions. Hop to it – get yours today!

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