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Fantastic comedy and magic for your stage, cabaret or close-up performances.

You claim confidently to have the “Powers of prediction” and you invite an audience member forwards seating them behind you.

Meanwhile, you show the rest of your audience a large A4 size laminated picture of a frog cautioning them not to reveal which animal it is to your hapless volunteer.

This picture is now placed with its back showing through an open fronted envelope that is left in full view.

You take up a packet of laminated cards which you display faces to the audience, claiming that they are pictures of various animals, mammals and birds, “There’s an elephant, a cat, a horse, an eagle, a frog…”

The audience are amused to see that in reality you are miscalling the creatures – as really they are all pictures of a FROG with which you intend to fool your unsuspecting volunteer.

The pictures are fanned face down and the volunteer indicates any one of them and their chosen picture is passed to them for safekeeping.

Openly removing the large A4 prediction from the window envelope you hold it back outwards to the audience as you state: “I had the strong impression that the picture you selected would be a JUMPER, an animal that jumps, would I be correct?” The volunteer confirms that it is indeed a ‘jumper!’

Winking to the audience in a very confident manner you say, “Kindly name the animal you selected!” To everyone’s surprise the volunteer calls out “A horse!” “Please don’t joke” you say, “name the actual animal in the picture” again they reply “A HORSE!”

You take their chosen picture and take a look at it for yourself showing the audience that it is indeed A HORSE JUMPING.

All is well, however, when you turn over your A4 prediction picture that has mysteriously changed to ‘A horse that is jumping!’

No rough & smooth, no pocket cards and no skill is required it is that easy to do!

Comes with all the laminated cards, prediction pictures & instructions.

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