Football Fun - Sale item

Football Fun - Sale item

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You show a large envelope with its top end cut off. A single card can be seen sticking out of the envelope. This is left in full view as your prediction.

A number of cards are now shown to have the names of various football stars printed upon them and one of these is selected in a very fair manner.

The chosen name is announced – let’s say it is “Sir Stanley Matthews”. Taking up the prediction you say, “Would you be amazed if this card had a picture of Sir Stan on it? Well it does, it is a picture of Stanley Matthews when he was six years old!”

So saying the card is lifted up out of the envelope and shown to be a picture of a cute looking young boy kicking a football.

After the groans this always produces, you add, “I can see that you don’t believe this is Stan – well see for yourself, his name is printed on the bottom of the picture!”

The foot of the card is now lifted out of the envelope and does indeed have Sir Stanley Matthew’s name boldly printed on it making a wonderful magical climax to an excellent comedy mental routine!

An easy-to-do feature effect you will use often. Reset in a moment. Don’t be left on the bench, order yours today!

Comes with the laminated cards & instructions. Half price

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