Tube & Rope Trick

Tube & Rope Trick

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The late Ken Brooke once said: “A good trick is ALWAYS a good trick!” he would have loved this one.

In an engaging routine you take out a tube of sweets as you explain: “Hello! I brought this tube of sweeties because they told me to sweeten you up before I start, I am a magician and magicians are paid to fool you and I am so good that I have fooled you all already, you thought I was about to offer out some of my sweets but I have already eaten them and it’s a trick with a rope and a tube!” So saying, you pull out of the otherwise empty confectionery tube a long length of rope.

To the accompanying patter you tie a knot in the rope and push it inside the tube – the rope is pulled through to the other end and now proves to be a genuine double knot.

Once more a knot is tied around the tube and pushed inside – but now to some truly entertaining patter the rope is pulled out of the other end of the tube and the knot has vanished without trace!

Everything can at once be passed for examination. Only one rope and tube are used. No loose knots or anything similar.

We don’t want to give away the witty patter at this point – as this is what really sells the effect and in a sense it is the routine that you are paying for, although we include the sweeties’ tube (sorry, we have eaten all the sweets!) and the length of rope without any extra charge so that you can start to perform this straight away.

Very easy-to-do and suitable for all ages. Don’t miss this one, you will find it mouth-watering - just as we did!

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