Street Monte Three-Shell Game DVD - Odd Bin Item

Street Monte Three-Shell Game DVD - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. This is one of the oldest cons in history! Sal Piacente (the hit-man of magic) stars in this DVD on the legendary THREE-SHELL GAME.

You will learn the game, the moves and the psychology behind one of magic’s favourite close-up routines & one of the most dangerous games on the street - knowledge is power!

Start your Three-Shell Game experience by watching a personal demonstration by Sal Piacente. Then learn the fascinating history of the game.

After you have observed the preparation and handling of the shells, you are ready to see stunning Sal in the studio and out on the streets!

Piacente’s Routines:
*Learning the basics *Under the Finger *The Sucker Move *Two-shell Game *The Flash Move *The Finishing Move.

BONUS Features:
*The Three-Shell Game under a glass.
*The Three-Shell Game with bottle caps.
Plus, take an in-depth look at the anatomy of the game.

Please note: The secret knowledge explained in this DVD is to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY.

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