Cones and Balls

Cones and Balls

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Folding three colourful cardboard cones which are clearly empty, these are each then held by members of the audience or displayed in a row upright in glass tumblers on your table. The cones are coloured respectively Red, Yellow and Blue. (Colours may vary).

Next you show nine balls – three of them are red, three yellow and three blue to match the colours of the cones.

The three red balls are dropped one at a time into the red cone, the three yellow balls into the yellow cone and the three blue balls are dropped into the blue cone.

A magic word or the wave of your magic wand and the spectators invert the cones allowing the balls to roll out into three empty glass tumblers – magically red, yellow, and blue balls roll out of each of the cones!

Everything can now be examined without a clue to your mystery.

Please note the following points:
• Only NINE balls are used three of each colour.
• No shells, sticky stuff or similar.
• Both the Cones and the Balls are completely unfaked.
• Use your own or borrowed glass tumblers.
• Perfect for your children or adult’s shows.
• Cones are ready formed and then unfolded flat at the finish.
• Learn it with our instructions in less than 20 minutes – then perform it anywhere at anytime!

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