Excalibur & Arthur's Shield!

Excalibur & Arthur's Shield!

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An action-packed routine for your new children’s show! A version of the ‘walking through a rope’ effect that Eddie has specially adapted.

The props consist of a nicely made traditional looking wooden sword & shield, together with two long pieces of rope. Since nothing is faked in any way, they may be carefully examined.

Three children help; one is King Arthur and the other two are villain black knights who break into Camelot and steal Arthur’s sword Excalibur together with his shield, tying them up onto two lengths of rope. Then they capture Arthur himself, who is also tied to the ropes but everything is put right by magic!

The children in the audience shout Merlin’s magic word “Excalibur!” and Arthur walks free and straight through the ropes, clutching his sword and shield that are also magically released.

This is a streamlined version of a routine that Eddie toured through leading theatres with his special production of Merlin’s Magic Show! The full routine is released here for the very first time!

Eddie also includes a special version using just one unfaked length of rope. A big feature illusionette that is easy-to-do and is always ready to perform, packing flat inside your prop bag.

Comes with the ropes, traditional-looking wooden sword (approx 58cm long), shield (34cm long), instructions and routine.

Overseas: This item is heavy/bulky & will require extra postage to your country. Before ordering this item please check with us what extra postage will be required. Thank you.

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