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You show a small laminated card clock face and explain that one of your playing cards is learning to tell the time. This card is shown and then placed face downwards onto the clock face.

An audience member now freely shuffles the pack and twelve cards are dealt, all with the faces upwards around the clock face; each card represents the twelve numbers. A spectator merely thinks of any one of the twelve numbers and remembers the card at their freely chosen position.

The rest of the pack is again shuffled and the spectator secretly removes a number of cards represented by their freely chosen number.

The pack is now reassembled and again shuffled & cut and then the top twelve cards are once again dealt around the clock face only this time with their faces DOWN.

The clock face is now turned over and there is a message on the back naming a card that will appear at their freely chosen number, the number is announced as the card at this number is turned face up – it is the predicted card.

The spectator names their mentally selected card, the face down card in the centre of the clock face is now turned over & it proves to be the very card they mentally selected earlier!

It is difficult to convey the startling effect that this will have on your audience, sufficient to say that it is an absolute stunner. Very easy to do and highly recommended.

Comes with the laminated clock card & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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