Dutch Boy Cards

Dutch Boy Cards

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I first introduced these in the 1960s. It’s a little on the naughty side but not too bad. Yes, I have shown it to the local vicar!

You show three cards two black tens and a red six. Two have red backs and the middle one a blue back (colours and values may vary). The blue back card has a hole in it, which you invite your ‘victim’ to push his finger through from back to front. I tell a story of how history claims that a little Dutch boy saved his village, by pushing his finger through a hole in the dam. You explain that history has it all wrong and invite your dupe to turn over the card he has his finger through. They get a wonderful shock and laugh their heads off.

This item is available again. It’s truly a breathtaking close-up stunt – ideal for walkabout with the right crowd. Sold at an almost give-away price.

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