Eggs-Traordinary Acro Blocks

Eggs-Traordinary Acro Blocks

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You show three solid cubes coloured Red, White and Blue, together with a square tube, the blocks are dropped inside, first the blue, then the white & finally the red. The red cube is now on top.

You turn the tube containing the blocks upside down, which must bring the blue one on top and the red one at the bottom.

A magic word and the tube is lifted. The cubes have returned to their original order – from the top they are still Red, White and Blue!

Carried away by your success you perform the effect again and yet again the cubes rearrange themselves in the order from the top of Red, White and Blue!

But the audience are getting suspicious for when you place the tube down on the table there is a thump – sounding like an extra block inside the tube.

You ignore this suggestion and you put the red & blue cubes into two different pockets from where they magically change places. But the audiences are far from convinced and want to see inside the tube.

After some byplay you lift the tube to show not another block inside but an EGG! “Isn't that eggs-traodinary?” you say “No eggs-tra blocks but an unbreakable EGG!” So saying, you can pass everything out to be examined without a clue to the mystery!

Perfect for close-up or platform use, can be presented for any kind of audience. It is the ideal effect for comedy magicians or children’s shows. Easy to do!

Comes with with the laminated cubes, tube, solid imitation egg, routine & instructions.

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