K B Rising Cards

K B Rising Cards

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Invented by Ken Bowell several years ago, this marvellous classic of magic can be performed completely surrounded and uses no threads or anything similar.

From any regular bridge pack of playing cards spectators may freely select any cards, there is no force. The cards are replaced into the pack, which may be shuffled.

The pack in turn is placed into a small, examined, lightweight houlette, which is then hung on the centre of your magic wand.

One by one at your command and under your complete control, the cards rise up out of the pack! The spectators can remove their own cards, which could have been marked if you so wish.

At any time the pack, still inside the houlette, can be examined!

Comes with the houlette, magic wand & instructions. You need to supply your own pack of standard bridge-sized playing cards and just a little handling practice.

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