Blow Light

Blow Light

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Blow the light on – puff the light out!

Blow Light is styled like a small night-light (3.5cm), the artificial flame flickers irregularly just like the real thing and yet surprisingly you can simply blow it out with a quick puff of air and then just as amazingly puff the light back on again! Yes, just a puff of air will switch the light on and off.

You will find many uses for this wonderful novelty in your close-up and walkabout magic and we give you several sensational ideas but you will soon be thinking up many others for yourself.

For example: You are working around the tables and discover it is someone’s birthday – reach into their ear and magically produce Blow Light with its flame flickering – place it flat on your palm and have the birthday person blow out the flame and then you then lead the table with the Happy Birthday song!

Produce it from the birthday child’s ear and prove that the birthday child really can do magic on their birthday and yet another chance to sing the popular birthday song!

Have a chosen card found when your magic light mysteriously goes off or on (or both) when you pass the chosen card over the top of the flame.

Audience members hold their hands above the flame and magically it comes on as you explain, “Many hands make light work!”

The above are just four ideas among nine that we explain in the instructions that accompany your Blow Light but we are sure that you will soon be thinking up many ideas of your own.

An unusual novelty that you can drop into your pocket and is all ready for you to work, anywhere-anytime!

Blow Light is an absolute MUST HAVE item for all entertainers and is sold at an almost give-away price complete with instructions for nine terrific tricks and stunts.

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