The 52 to 1 Prediction

The 52 to 1 Prediction

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Ideal for close-up, cabaret or stage.

You show a large A4 size envelope with an A4 laminated card just popping out of its open top. Everyone in the audience is requested to “Think of a playing card.”
One person is selected and asked to name their card, let us say they name the “King of Diamonds”. You continue: “Would you be surprised if your card is on my prediction card?” Of course they would – so you continue: “I have not only predicted your card – but also the card selected by every member of the audience!” So saying, you take the card from the envelope to show that it has each and every card in the pack (even the Joker) printed onto its face. It is an old gag – but still gets a big laugh!

However, you again ask the name of the card that the spectator was thinking about i.e. – the King of Diamonds. You point out that one card is face down – just perhaps – you turn the prediction card over to show a Giant A4 size KING OF DIAMONDS on the opposite side!

A terrific opening routine that sets you up as a wonder worker!
·The routine can be performed as outlined above WITHOUT your leaving the stage to have a card selected.
·You can change the prediction card for repeat performances.
·Prediction card is laminated for long life. A4 size, bold enough for stage – but will take up no room in your close-up case.

Sure-fire effect, reset in a moment. Nothing to go wrong.

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