Psychic Poker with giant playing cards

Psychic Poker with giant playing cards

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This classic mental and card effect is seldom seen these days, perhaps because many performers think it needs great skill and a really first class memory. Nothing could be further from the truth. The effect is both easy-to-do and requires little or no memory work.

You will baffle card experts, magicians and mentalists with this outstanding effect. Ten giant cards are shown and freely shuffled by any spectator, and then two hands of five cards each are dealt. When the two hands are shown you the magician or mentalist wins hands down! Again the cards are freely shuffled and dealt into two hands. Again you win. Now here comes the smashing climax!

You now invite the spectator to choose any three cards for himself and to hand you any three cards. Four cards are left and these are dealt to both of you by a second spectator, each receiving two more cards. The participant shows his hand and he has three high cards of a kind. You show your cards and you have a FULL HOUSE. Despite the fairness of everything you still win!

The subtle secret is almost impossible to detect and Eddie’s routine and presentation makes the effect very easy to perform, with absolutely no memory work. Since this is always ready to go with no advance preparation, you can perform it anywhere-anytime and under any conditions.

Comes with ten unfaked giant playing cards & instructions.

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