Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream

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“Recently I had a very strange dream which I would like to recreate for you now!” In my dream I placed a single large playing card into an envelope. In my dream the cards were very large, similar to this one that I am placing inside this envelope now. In my dream I saw a lady with blonde hair dressed in red – madam, you exactly match the description of the lady in my dream – in my dream you held the envelope securely, would you kindly do so now please!”

A suitable lady in the audience is given the envelope containing your prediction card to hold in full view. Please note the envelope really does hold just one ordinary jumbo size card, this is not double-faced or similar. “In my dream I then showed six more large cards fanned out so the audience could clearly see them!” You show a fan of six different jumbo cards front and back. “In my dream the cards were mixed together and a gentleman wearing a colourful tie called out a number between ‘one and six’, sir, you are wearing the tie in my dream – please call out a number between one and six!” The gentleman you indicate calls out his number, changing his mind if he so wishes. He indicates which direction from the left or from the right you should count and the card at that position is freely counted to and removed.

“In my dream the other five cards were eliminated and the chosen card was shown to the audience – that’s incredible, this card is the ‘four of spades’ just like the card in my dream!”

You show the selected card to the audience naming it as the card in your dream - in this example the ‘four of spades’! “My dream lady took the single card from her envelope and showed everyone that it exactly matched the card you selected sir – well that’s what happened in my dream. It would be strange indeed if the card you are holding madam matched this gentleman’s ‘four of spades’, please remove it and show everyone your card – it is the ‘four of spades’ – incredible!” The prediction card is removed by the lady and exactly matches the selected card.

A delightful prediction effect that is easy-to-do!

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