Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

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You show three nicely modelled little pink pigs, demonstrating that nothing is concealed in your hand and there are only the three pigs.

The pigs are placed upon a spectator’s palm while you make your hand into a fist. As you patter about the pigs going to market – two of them are pushed into your fist and the third pig is openly dropped into your pocket “This is the little pig that stayed at home!” you explain.

You ask; “How many pigs have gone to market?” No matter what their reply you open your fist and show that all three pigs are now inside your fist – the third one having magically joined them at the market.

You immediately repeat the effect – two pigs into your fist and the third one into your pocket and yet again when your fist is opened all three pigs are together again. It is the classic ‘Three-Pellet Trick’ performed with our cute little porkers.

Offering to show the effect one more time, two go to market and the third pig – well the audience are in for a terrific and laughter producing surprise as this little pig proves to be the one that went “Wee wee wee all the way home!”

This set of little pigs will take up no room in your pocket and so you can perform Three Little Pigs anywhere at anytime – we also suggest an alternative finish to this wonderful pocket effect for your convenience.

You will learn this amusing novelty effect in about twenty minutes and it will give both you and your audience loads of magical laughter and naughty fun – get yours today!

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