Political Correctness

Political Correctness

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You introduce your “politically correct pack” which can be freely shown, half the cards have red backs and the other half have blue backs “As used at whist drives in the House of Commons!” you claim.

Your participant chooses which political party he represents and you write a prediction, which is left in full view.

In the entertaining game that follows the cards are dealt face upwards two at a time to decide which is the winning party and let us say that the ‘Conservatives’ win by four votes.

The spectators themselves open your prediction and to their amazement you have correctly predicted the outcome!

The effect can immediately be repeated again and again and each time there is a different result which you accurately predict every time.

Don’t overlook this low price item, Al Koran performed a version of it on British television and Peter Warlock called Miraskill, on which this is based, “One of the most convincing card predictions of the age.”

Political Correctness comes with the special ‘politically correct’ pack of cards plus full instructions. Always ready to perform and easy to do. No palming is required in our splendid updated version.

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