Four-Way Prediction

Four-Way Prediction

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We think Four-Way Prediction ranks alongside Paul Curry’s wonderful ‘Out Of This World!’

You place a prediction in full view. A regular pack of playing cards is freely shown, mixed and then cut into halves. Both halves of the pack are shuffled and a spectator takes one half.

The participant’s half is dealt into two face down equal piles and the participant thinks of any number between one and ten. Taking each packet in turn the participant turns the cards face upwards to equal his selected number, in both packets.

The two packets are reassembled and shuffled together – some cards are now face upwards and some are face down. The participant himself spreads the cards across the table so each and every card can be clearly seen.

Your prediction is now read out aloud:
*You have successfully named the number of cards that are face upwards.
*You have successfully named the number of cards that are faces downwards.
*You have successfully named a card whose suit is the only one showing i.e. “only one odd heart card will be face upwards!”
*You have successfully named the odd face up card i.e. “The heart card will be the Queen of Hearts”.

When table hopping or for repeat performances both the predicted card and numbers will be different from the example given above.

Remember in this version no cards are placed behind your back. It truly is an absolute delight to perform and uses any pack of cards.

Full instructions in our booklet.

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