The Joker Tells

The Joker Tells

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Here is a clever low-cost item that will give both you and your audience loads of magical fun as well as being a thoroughly bewildering mystery.

A card is chosen from a well-mixed pack and then shuffled back among all the others in the time-honoured fashion.

Suddenly you realise that you haven’t removed the Joker from the pack – so you do so placing its hidden face downwards on the table. The spectators are immediately suspicious about this – and even more so when you demonstrate that the selected card has completely vanished from the pack, which is spread out, so the audience can see the faces.

They naturally suspect the ‘Joker’ you placed face down and either make a grab for it or demand to see its face. When this is shown it does indeed prove to be the Joker – but he is telling everyone where the missing card can now be magically found!

*Very easy to do, no palming or other sleight of hand required.
*The ‘vanish’ of the card has nothing to do with the Joker but is a red herring leading to a very effective finish to the effect. The card vanish can be used in many other effects.
*No double-sided tape, wax, rough & smooth or similar is used.

Don’t be put off by the rock bottom price The Joker Tells has baffled many well-known professional magicians.

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