The Recurring Card with Children's Animal Cards

The Recurring Card with Children's Animal Cards

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You start by promising “A trick with five red cards!” You count five red cards from hand to hand all with red faces. So that the audience is certain you count them from hand to hand once again – counting four RED cards but the fifth card turns out to be a stranger - an odd BLACK card.

The intruder is placed into your pocket and the four remaining red cards are plainly counted from hand to hand, but when you count them again it is seen that you hold three red cards and a stranger – that black card is back again!

This novel effect is now repeated again and again – three red cards become two and one black card – two red cards become one red and one black – until you hold just one single card – this must be a RED – but no it turns out to be that recurring black card once more.

At the finish you end up with a fan of black cards and have to explain that you, “Got it all wrong, it should have been a trick with five BLACK cards. So when I have practiced it I will show it to you the next time!”

This is a fabulous ending to a classic effect that you will soon be featuring in all your performances. Reset in a moment. Requires just a little handling practice – but you should learn it within thirty minutes or so of opening the packet.

Supplied with all the necessary children's animal picture cards, full George Blake instructions and routine. With an alternative patter routine suitable for children by our very own Eddie Burke.

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