The Four Elements

The Four Elements

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You show ‘four of a kind’ playing cards, for example the four Kings (the cards may vary from set to set) each depicts one of the four basic elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air. You explain the relationship between the four suits; Hearts, Spades, Diamond and Clubs to these vital elements to life.

Any spectator names any of the elements, for example “Air!” The element that they have freely chosen (there is no force involved) you remove and leave it face outwards in full view.

The backs of the other three cards are now shown to all be blue ones – your turn over the chosen element and this is the only card with a RED BACK!
*Only four cards are used and the selection is not forced in any way. Positively a completely free choice!
*No matter which of the cards is selected it is a 100% outcome. The cards never leave the audience’s sight.
*Participants do NOT have to leave their seats so the effect is the ideal opener but it can be performed anywhere in your act.
*Reset the moment after you perform it so it is ideal for table-hopping.
*No wax, sticky substances or rough & smooth used.

Guaranteed completely practical and utterly baffling, yet very easy to do! Highly recommended! Supplied complete with the necessary ‘four elements’ cards plus an alternative set of cards and full instructions all ready for you to perform.

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