Impromptu Cards Across

Impromptu Cards Across

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This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most exciting versions of ‘Cards Across’ ever just borrow twenty cards and two handkerchiefs and you are all ready to perform this outstanding miracle.

The effect: Use borrowed playing cards, business cards – credit cards or almost any type of small card, just as long as you have about twenty cards.

For children use the latest style card action games such as Star Wars,spider-man or even happy families.

A spectator counts two lots of ten cards one at a time into each of your hands and these are wrapped inside the borrowed handkerchiefs or tissues.

Two spectators hold your wrists closing the openings to your sleeves and you stand with your hands wide apart.

Magically and invisibly you appear to pass three playing cards from one hand to the other – the spectators take the cards and unwrap them.

When they are counted it is seen that you now hold only seven cards in one hand and thirteen cards in the other hand – they won’t have a clue to how you did it!

Use a row of children each with a small musical instrument they each play in turn to create sound effects going across the line up. The three cards then magically pass from the child at the start of the row to the child at the opposite end.

For adults you can have the cards concealed by spectators about their body. Ladies usually put them in the bra: while gentlemen put them into the front of their pants creating lots of comments and laughter from your audience.

Instructions Includes Eddie’s Pixie routine from his own cabaret and club act – which invariable brings the house down!

Note the following points:
·Positively NO PALMING or similar sleight of hand is required.
·No extra cards are used and borrowed cards could be used.
·No skill required, you would be able to perform this superb effect within twenty minutes of reading the instructions.
·No fakes are used so no fakes are supplied – everything used may be borrowed.
•The three passed cards can be freely chosen and signed by members of the audience if you wish.

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